Jubeir: ‘Jerusalem Summit’ confirms Arab world’s dedication to Palestinian cause


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that naming this year’s Arab League Summit also as the “Jerusalem Summit” was due to the strong desire to promote the Palestinian cause, which was a central and fundamental issue for Arabs.

In a joint press conference with Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit following the conclusion of the summit, Jubeir said: “The Arab and Islamic countries feel the need to highlight this issue in light of the urgent need to help the Palestinians to obtain their legitimate rights, foremost of which is the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Jubeir said that the Palestinian people have suffered the longest conflict in the region, which has led into the displacement of millions. He emphasized the need for Palestinians to have their own state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, so that they can live a decent life and build their country, adding that Arab and Islamic nations feel the pain of their Palestinian brothers.

“There is a desire to highlight the issue on the agenda of the Arab League and in the mind of the Arab and Islamic world, and in light of the conflicts and crises witnessed by the Arab world, we must not forget that it is the fundamental issue,” Jubeir said, and added that Saudi Arabia’s position was permanent and firm on the Palestinian issue and remained supportive on the peace initiative announced in 2002.

In response to the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he said: “We have declared our clear position to the United States that East Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine and that no decision should be taken that violates this balance in this region.”

However, Jubeir reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s “close relations” with the US.

“We have a strategic relationship and are stronger now. As friends, we continue dialogue and understanding on matters that we disagree with the administration of US President Donald Trump and this administration has also been positive in seeking help and reaching a dialogue on this matter.”

The foreign minister pointed out Saudi Arabia’s support to Palestine and contributions to achieving a decent life for the Palestinian people and enabling the Palestinian government to strengthen its economy.

During the 29thArab League summit, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman announced that the Kingdom will donate $150 million to the Endowment Support Program in Jerusalem and $50 million to support the UNRWA program.

Meanwhile, Jubeir said that the Arab summit supported the operation and the military strike carried out by the United States in cooperation with Britain and France on Syrian regime sites that carried out attacks against unarmed Syrian civilians through the use of weapons containing poison gas banned internationally.

He stressed the position of the Member States of the League of Arab States and the belief that stability in Syria would only be achieved through a peaceful solution based on the Geneva Declaration, Security Council resolution 2254 and the Riyadh II Conference of the Syrian opposition held in November last year.

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