Yemen PM says no more ‘bloodshed’ in Aden


Yemen’s Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr said on Sunday his return to Aden was to bring an end to the instability in the de facto capital, Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Sunday.

“There will be no more bloodshed or fighting because the government is back in Aden. We will exert all our efforts to stop the security situation from further deteriorating and to stop further assassination attempts on dozens of religious and military figures,” the PM said.

After spending two months in Riyadh, Daghr and a number of ministers returned to Yemen last week to run the country from the temporary capital.

Speaking at a gathering organized by the education ministry, the prime minister promised Yemenis that his government would work on restoring basic services to all areas in the city.

Earlier this year fierce battles erupted between separatists and forces loyal to the government, killing dozens.

Clashes escalated when fighters loyal to the Southern Transitional Council fought their way to the gates of the presidential palace in central Aden, forcing troops to abandon their positions.

Tensions settled after a Saudi and UAE delegation was sent to Aden to restore peace in the city.

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