Syrian Monitor: Coalition air strikes on Daesh position in Northern Syria kills 23


BEIRUT: Syrian Monitor for Human rights said that a Coalition air strikes on Daesh position in Northern Syria has killed 23. Earlier the monitor said that kurdish troops have resumed their campaign on Daesh positions in areas close to the border with Iraq. U.S-backed Kurdish forces in Syria say they are resuming their campaign against Daesh militants who still control areas near the border with Iraq.

Lelwa Abdullah, a spokeswoman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in the eastern Deir Ezzor province, said Tuesday the final phase of the operation against Daesh in the area has begun. She said the SDF will “liberate those areas and secure the Syrian-Iraqi border and end Daesh presence in eastern Syria once and for all.”

The SDF had redeployed hundreds of its forces to western Syria after Turkish troops attacked the Kurdish-held Afrin enclave earlier this year, effectively putting operations against Daesh on hold.
An array of Syrian and Iraqi forces has driven Daesh from nearly all the territory it once held in the two countries.

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