Yemeni government arrests a Qatari officer on suspicion of cooperation with Houthi militia


LONDON: Yemeni government has arrested a Qatari officer for suspicions of his cooperation with Houthi militia. Media reports in Yemen said that a Qatari Officer was arrested as he was travelling from Yemen to neigboring Oman.

Yemeni troops have arrested the Qatari officer on suspicions of working with houthi militia backed by Iran in Yemen. Yemeni government sources told Al-Arabiya channel that army units arrested Mohsen Al-Karbi, a Qatari intelligence officer, as he was trying to exit Yemen at a border point close to Al-Mahra province on his way to Omani territories.

Qatar according to Al- Arabiya confirmed the arrest of Al-Karbi and called through its ‘Qatari committee for human right’ for his immediate and safe release, stating that Al-Karbi is a Qatari citizen on a trip to visit his relatives.

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