Houthis threaten to blow up 19 ships in Hodeidah: Yemeni minister


LONDON: Yemen’s Transport Minister Saleh Al-Gabwani warned that Houthi militias are threatening to blow up 19 ships carrying over 200,000 tons of fuel in the the Al-Mukhtaf area of Hodeidah port.

The militias seized the vessels and prevented them from entering the port to unload their cargo.

In statements to a news website affiliated with the Yemeni defense ministry, Saleh Al-Gabwani described the seizure as “fascist,” adding that it reflects the group’s “barbarism.”

He added that the Houthis are no longer a threat to just Yemen, but to the region and the entire world.

The minister also said the militias are fully responsible for such acts, and called on the international community to intervene to “stop the disaster.”

The transport minister also said that Aden Port is ready to receive the seized ships and distribute the fuel that they are carrying to different parts of the country.

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