Israeli airstrikes have minimal impact, says Syrian monitoring group


LONDON: Israeli strikes on Iranian and Assad regime army bases in Syria sending a strong message that Tel Aviv will not allow militias loyal to Iran to threaten Israel’s security have been dismissed as having “minimal impact” by a Syrian monitoring group in London.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,told Arab News that last night’s strike by Israel on Iranian and Syrian targets was for media consumption.

Rami Abdurrahman, the head of the SOHR, said the Israeli defense minister’s comments on the scale of the strike were “mere publicity.”

Abdurrahman, who is linked with a network of activists inside Syria, added that 40-45 percent of incoming Israeli missiles were destroyed by the Assad regime and their allies’ air defenses.

He added that all options remain open, but the world must watch to see how Russia, with its extensive presence in Syria, reacts.

“One could say that Russia succeeded in containing the situation, preventing further military escalation, but Iran has a large presence in Syria from the Iraq border at Al Bo Kamal all the way to Lebanon”.

The Syrian Observatory earlier listed more than 12 sites targeted in the Israeli raids, including several air defense sites around south western Damascus and the military air strips of Masseh, Shuerat and Khalkhaleh.

The Israelis also attacked two elite army divisions loyal to the Assad regime, the 4th Armored Division, the Republican Guard, and 60th Brigade and hit Kesweh, a high security area that houses key regime and Iranian intelligence units.

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