Coalition: Saudi Air Defense forces monitor a ballistic missile fired towards the city of Jazan


RIYADH: Col. Turki Al-Maliki said that at 10:18 on Monday, Saudi Arabian air defense units monitored a ballistic missile launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia from within Yemeni territory towards the Kingdom’s territory.

Colonel Al-Maliki said that the missile was in the direction of the city of Jazan and was launched in a deliberate way to target civilian areas and populated areas, but the missile landed in an uninhabited desert area.

Al-Maliki said that this hostile action by the Houthi militia, supported by Ira, proves the continued involvement of the Iranian regime’s in supporting Houthi armed group with qualitative capabilities in clear and explicit defiance of the violation of UN resolution (2216) and resolution (2231) in order to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia and regional and international security.

The firing of rockets at densely populated cities and villages is contrary to international humanitarian law.

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