Turkey, “Palestinians are not terrorists”, kicks out Israeli envoy

By Middle East Affairs

Turkey one of the most vocal countries towards in their outrage of Israel’s violence towards Palestine, expelled the Israeli consul general from their largest city, Istanbul.

To reciprocate Israel kicked out the Turkish envoy from Israel.

Turkey had previously retrieved its ambassador from Tel Aviv ending all consultation possibilities. Turkey didn’t stop there, they had also told their Israeli ambassador to leave their capital Ankara. The time of expulsion has not yet been discussed.

Again, Israel followed suit and asked the Turkish consul in Jerusalem to leave Israel for an unspecified amount of time.

The two leaders of their prospective countries, President Erdogan and Prime Minister Netanyahu took to Twitter to voice their unsatisfaction with the other, a Twitter battle erupted.

Actions from both countries this week puts their 2006 deal to normalize relations between the two countries in jeopardy. Turkey and Israel have a history of disagreeing, especially when it comes to matters on Palestine.

Turkey government officials, along with President Erdogan have expressed their outrage numerous times this week following Israel’s massacre of 62 Palestinians including six children. Turkey blames the U.S. President Trump for his part in the violence. The relocation of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem further angered Palestinians who are hoping to have East Jerusalem for their own capital. The rest of the Middle East, along with the international community also find President Trump’s decision to be unforgivable.

On Friday, President Erdogan will host an emergency summit meeting for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, he has promised that the outcome of the meeting will send a strong message to the world.

In 2000, Israel gave orders to soldiers to storm a Turkish ship, the results were deadly. The 2016 deal brokered by the United States, eager to see Israel improve its relations with a key Muslim nation, saw that previous aggression by Israel was to be put in the past.

Even when the two countries, Turkey and Israel were engaged in energy cooperation, President Erdogan, a champion of Palestine did not pause his criticism of Israel and their numerous unlawful treatment of Palestinians.

On Tuesday when President Erdogan met with British Prime Minister Therese May, he made his opinion known that history will not forgive Israel or the U.S. for their actions on relocating the embassy to the holy city of Jerusalem, a known home for both Muslims, Jews and Christians.


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