Houthi missile fired at civilian areas in Najran, Saudi forces intercepted it

By Middle East Affairs

Iran backed Houthi militia missile intercepted by Saudi Royal Air Defense Force early Friday morning.

A coalition spokesperson Turki Al- Maliki said that the Houthi militia knowingly fired a missile towards Najran, aiming for populous civilian areas. Thankfully, debris from the missile landed in a residential area without any harm to any civilians.

Houthi militia’s news outlet Al- Masirah, announced their claim of the attack, “Badr 1 missile targeted at Najran.”

The Iranian backed and funded militia have in recent months become even bolder in their missile attacks against rival Saudi Arabia.

Yemen, where Houthi militia operates out of, is under a famine crisis that has left millions starving and deteriorating medical conditions. The Yemeni civil war has torn apart the entire country destroying infrastructure and devastating crops in a mainly agricultural country.

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