Israeli activists stands accused of trying to stop a land sale of West Bank land to Jewish settlers

By Middle East Affairs

Israeli activist Ezra Nawi charged under the grounds of Oslo Accords which prohibit Israeli citizens to work with or for Palestinian security forces in the first case tried against an Israeli.

Nawi stands accused of helping the Palestinian Authority stop a Palestinian land broker that wanted to sell West Bank lands to Jewish settlers in the southern Hebron hills.

There is footage of Nawi who is unaware he is being recorded saying, “I give their photos and their phone numbers immediately to the [Palestinian] Preventive Security Force,” Nawi says in the recording. “The Authority catches them and kills them. But before they kill them they beat them up.”

The footage surfaced after an Israeli ring-wing devotee gained insider access to the Israeli-Palestinian group Taayush, where he then recorded Nawi. The footage was shown on the Israeli show “Uvda”, then used as evidence against Nawi.

Guy Butavia in Court, January 20, 2016./Credit : Emil Salman

The show also had footage of three other activists that were arrested with Nawi. Guy Butavia has previously been arrested and harassed by Israeli police for various activities that involve him helping the Palestinian cause. The third activist arrested this week was Nasser Nawaja who is Palestinian, along with another Palestinian resident of Hebron hills who was interrogated, his name is unknown.

The right-wing devotee is a member of Ad Kan, a conservative organization that seeks to target Palestinians, they have previously been involved with a scheme to try to provoke Palestinian labors into making sexual harassment remarks against women. Ad Kan members have infiltrated the Israeli-Palestinian group Taayush, with the information they gathered from inside Taayush, they tried to appeal their case to the Supreme Court so Nawi and his compliances would be charged all that sooner.

Tarantarova, right, and others recruited by right-wing activist Ach, on behalf of the Magen NGO, to document the goings-on on mixed Palestinian-Jewish buses.(No Credit)

On Thursday, Nawi and the others received note from the State Prosecutor, Butavia and Nawaja case was closed, and the case against the second Palestinian was archived.

The only other time that the clause of the Oslo accord was put on file was against an East Jerusalem Palestinian resident serving in the Palestinian security forces, but no records of the accord used against Israeli citizens exist.

Nawi’s legal team released a statement, “on a ludicrous, far-flung clause in the rule book – for which an Israeli citizen has never been tried – is another step in the moral corruption of the State’s Prosecutor, and its devotion to a populist settler agenda which holds no common ground with law enforcement.”

The statement continues to say, “We have no doubt in Ezra’s full innocence and that the court will achieve a similar conclusion. We’re glad for the opportunity to reveal before the court the depth of the rot and political pressures which went into the investigation’s considerations by the Police and State’s Prosecutor.”

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