After delayed hospital release, Abbas holds a conference

By Middle East Affairs

Ramallah, West Bank: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was released from the hospital on Monday after an eight-day stay and treatment for what officials said was a lung infection.

President Abbas held a conference shortly after his release. ” Thank God I am leaving the hospital in good health and I will return to work tomorrow,” the 82-year old leader told reporters in the lobby of the hospital in occupied West Bank.

Over the last eight days, reports about his health have been mixed, some news reports have said his condition is improving, others just hours later have reported his condition worsening. His release had been postponed several times before his release today.

This has left Palestinians, as well as U.S-Israel and regional neighbors nervous, a vacant position of power in Palestine would lead to further instability in the region.

Powers in charge in the U.S. and Israel have met over the last week to speculate over a possible replacement for Abbas.

When Abbas’s departure occurs, it will be a cause for concern because three separate positions will be open: chairman of the Palestinian Authority, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and leader of Fatah.

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