Houthi militia endanger the lives of Yemeni with more than half million active mines

By Middle East Affairs

Starving children who were fighting for the Houthi militia were captured by Yemeni forces in Houthi held areas in Hodiedah.

Over the last week, Yemen’s army freed al-Zaraniq Camp and the surrounding areas in the district of Durayhi in Hudeidah from Iran backed Houthi militia.

Yemen media reported that the national army was less than 20km away from the densely populated city of Hodiedah.

The leader of the Iran funded militia, Abdulmalek al-Houthi, told his followers that the losses in the West coast were small.

Spokesperson Sadeq Dawaid, told Sky News Arabia that after liberating Houthi areas, Yemen’s army was then faced with heavily mined land which it had to clear.

Dawaid said, “Houthis have an obsession with planting landmines, they do it randomly often injuring and killing their own forces in the process.”

“The landmines the Houthis plant injure local residents,” he said.

Yemen is working hard to de-active the thousands of landmines surrounding Hodeidah.

Army officials in Yemen are saying that the country is experiencing the largest mine-laying operation since the end of the Second World War.

More than a half a million mines have been placed by the Houthi militia further endangering the lives of civilians in Yemen.

The landmines have killed a tremendous number of Yemeni people and prevented them from safely traveling and returning home after years of displacement from the fighting.

Human rights organizations from around the world have written against the use of landmines by Houthi militias which is banned, but no international law has taken effect to prevent them from carrying on.


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