Palestinian projectiles stopped by Iron Dome defense system

By Middle East Affairs

Earlier Tuesday, Palestinian militants fired “barrage of projectiles” at southern Israel, an act that will surely raise tensions between the two.

The Israeli army reported that some of the projectiles were stopped by the Iron Dome defense system, as of now no injuries of Israelis have been reported.

Yesterday, Israel killed a Palestinian by tank fire on the grounds that he looked like had “intention of carrying out an attack”.

On Sunday, an Israeli tank killed three members of the Islamic Jihad as a response to a planted explosive device on the border fence.

On Tuesday, Israeli media reported that Tuesday’s projectiles were a response from the Islamic Jihad.

Since March 30, the first day of protests in weeks-long series of protests named the Great Return March, at least 121 Palestinians have been killed, while three thousand were injured, some still remain in critical condition.

It is reported that 61 Palestinians were killed in a single day along the border on May 14, the day that Israeli and American officials celebrated the opening of the new U.S. embassy. Most were shot with live bullets, some sustained critical injury from rubber bullets, while others were killed by air strikes.

After much international attention to the killings by Israel, the IDF spokesperson said that Israel was just defending its borders and places the blame solely on Hamas for encouraging Palestinians to attack Israelis and seize the border.

Tuesday afternoon, a group of Palestinian activities also protests Israeli occupation by sailing in boats to draw attention to Israel’s naval blockade, that also prohibits Palestinian use of the sea.

The boats were full of patients needing medical care, students and graduates seeking jobs, its final destination had not been announced.

Israel has reined a severe blockage against Gaza for more than a decade, justifying its actions by saying that its actions are preventative from securing possible attacks by Hamas.


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