Israeli Ambassador calls Kuwait’s U.N draft for protection of Palestinians “shameful”

By Middle East Affairs

In hopes of finding European support in a vote this week, Kuwait submitted a UN Security Council water-downed resolution to help Palestine find protection from Israel’s violence.

The draft is expected to receive a veto from the U.S. as it firmly stands with Israel, the council will be holding a vote possibly as early as Thursday.

Kuwait has been vocal that it represents Arab countries who are wishing for a high number of votes to support their proposal and highlight that the U.S> is alone in its stance of Israeli-Palestinian belief.

The language in the draft has been weakened in hopes of gathering more support, for instance, the new draft no longer demands an international protection mission, instead, it calls for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to present recommendations. As it is currently written the draft, “calls for the consideration of measures to guarantee the safety and protection of the Palestinian civilian population in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip.”

The new draft calls for Guterres to show a report within 60 days on proposals for the protection of Palestinians, as well as the establishment of an international mission.

France and Britain, who have the power to veto a resolution have expressed dissatisfaction with the resolution for its lack of details and the reason why a protection mission is needed.

The U.S. under Trump’s guidance has said that the resolution is bias against Israel, it, however, has not made a reference to the 63 Palestinians that were killed by Israel on a single day during the Great Return Marches on May 14.

Danny Danon, the Israeli Ambassador has slammed the proposed resolution as “shameful” and said it was written to help Gaza’s rulers Hamas.

Kuwait proposed the draft after the Israeli military killed 63 Palestinians including an eight-month infant with its tear gas bombings on tents which were designated as safe zones for Palestinians to get rest and pray, near the Gaza border. The killings happened with live bullets and rubber bullets while Israel was celebrating the U.S. opening of its new embassy in the hotly contested holy city of Jerusalem.

Diplomats involved in the resolution have said that passing the resolution will be tough because European and African nations want more information on how the proposed protection mission would be carried out.

Some diplomats have said that Palestinians might find support for the resolution with the UN General Assembly if it loses backing with the Security Council.

An emergency Security Council session was called on by the U.S. on Wednesday after Gaza first sent rockets into Israeli settlements in what was an assumed retaliation of three killed members of the Islamic Jihad. On Tuesday, Israel reciprocated with tens fold more rockets shelling the Gaza strip.

Tuesday’s rockets from Gaza which were claimed by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad and Israel’s attacks resulted in the most active day of bombing since the 2014 war by Israel on Gaza.
It was the worst flare-up since the 2014 war waged by Israel in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

The U.S. has drafted a council statement that would condemn the rockets fired from Gaza on Tuesday, however, it is unclear whether such a draft would be approved.


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