U.N Security Council to vote on international protection for Palestine

By Middle East Affairs

Friday could bring an instrumental vote by the U.N Security Council on a vote for “international protection” for Palestinian civilians from the violence inflicted on to them from Israeli forces.

After weeks of discussion on the matters, diplomats say that the vote could be Friday, or possibly later, as violence and clashes grow in Gaza once more.

Kuwait introduced the resolution to the council and has since revised the draft in hopes to please council members that were on the fence about their vote. The resolution currently in place seeks to stop, “the use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” by the Israeli military, and “deplores the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilian areas.”

From the beginning, the United States has made it very vocal that it would vote to veto the resolution, as they are a close ally of Israel, and have offered their unconditional support to Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon also called the resolution “shameful” and is vehemently against it as the resolution does not put any blame on Hamas.

The Security Council met just Wednesday in an emergency meeting to deal and discuss the heaviest day of shelling between Gaza and Israel since the war in 2014. Since March, Israeli violence against Palestinians has been extraordinary, the military has killed over 116 Palestinians, injured 12,000 with the intention to permanently damage or disable, in particular, young Palestinian men. No Israelis have been harmed since the Great Return Marches began in March, an ode to Palestinians demands to return to their ancestral homes.

As of yet, the Security Council has been unable to come up with a consensus on how to deal with the decades-long Isralie-Palestinian crisis.

While the resolution expresses “grave concern” over the violence in Gaza, Israel has maintained its position that it has been protecting its border from Hamas and its followers that might be seeking to attack its border.

After Palestinians militants sent rocket missiles into Israeli settlements on Tuesday which were stopped by the Iron Dome’s defense system, Israeli responded with twice fold rockets over hours of attacks on and near Gaza. On Wednesday morning, Hamas agreed to a ceasefire with Israel, and a quiet returned to the border, however, residents in Gaza now fear that a war is on the horizon.

After Wednesday emergency session called upon by the U.S, the UN Mideast envoy Nikolay Mladenov said the latest fire exchange in Gaza was a warning of “how close to the brink of war we are every day.”

The resolution demands urgent steps to be taken “to ensure an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire.” It also seeks written reports within 60 days from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to make sure “the safety, protection and well-being of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation,” including recommendations about “an international protection mechanism.”

The draft proposed by Kuwait is also asking for immediate, unimpeded humanitarian access and “tangible steps” toward reconciliation between different Palestinian factions.

Over the last few weeks, resolutions by both Kuwait and the U.S. have been voted down on the Israeli-Palestine crisis.

Israel and Hamas have been in war three times since Hamas took control of the Gaza strip in 2007, the human cost has greatly been burned by Palestinians who have been killed under Israeli forces.

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