Yemen’s army advanced towards Houthi forces in Saada

By Middle East Affairs

On Friday, Yemen’s army advanced towards Houthi militia in Kataf district of Saada province.

Yemen’s army was able to free several sites and end the supply routes of militias headed to Jabal Mahjuba and the area of Adayak.

Brigadier Obeid Al-Athlah said, “Today, the army has regained full control of Wadi Al-Atifin and a number of highlands surrounding it, following violent confrontations that resulted in the deaths of at least 30 members of the armed militia.”

According to Athlah, the army has also taken a substantial amount of heavy weapons from the Houthi, as well as ammunition.

In Hiran which is located in the province of Hajjah, Yemen’s army with the support of the Arab coalition forces announced its liberation positions on Friday.


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