Israel says they have proof of Iran enriching weapons-grade uranium

By Middle East Affairs

The UK daily, The Times reported that Israel’s intelligence agency had proof that Iran’s defense ministry was responsible for enriching weapons-grade uranium.

Israeli Mossad agents have reportedly taken more than 100,000 secret files from a warehouse in Tehran, the memo that shows proof of Iranian’s nuclear activity was allegedly passed from the Iranian atomic energy authority to the defense ministry.

An Israeli intelligence officer involved with the investigation to take the documents said, “What Iran told the International Atomic Energy Agency about its capacities was almost comical compared to what we have here.”

The agent also said, “Iran said there had only been feasibility and scientific studies but what we see is that Iran ran a fully-fledged nuclear weapons program and that it followed directions from the political levels.”

The release of the memento aligns with Prime Minister’s Netanyahu’s trip to Europe to try to convince German, British and French leaders of state to let the Iranian deal fall apart.

On his trip, he had this to say, “I will meet there with three leaders and will discuss two subjects: Iran and Iran,” his top priority will be seeing adding pressure on Iran’s nuclear program to be “intensified.”

He admitted that European leaders might not see eye to eye with him at the moment, but was hopeful he could change their minds. Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “It could be that on this matter there isn’t a consensus right now, but with time, in my opinion, that understanding will be reached,”

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