Israel will award money to Israeli settlers, collected from Palestinian taxes

By Middle East Affairs

Israel has announced that it will be deducting funds from the Palestinian tax revenues and giving the amount to Israelis who have been affected by arson attacks in settlements near the Gaza Strip.

Israelis have been affected by firey kites flying over their agriculture fields and forests. Israelis near the Gaza Strip say that daily life in their communities has been disrupted by the fighting.

Gazans have been flying the burning kites for weeks since March, when they began protesting in the Great Return Marches, for their right to return home to their ancestral lands. Since the Marches began more than 119 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces either by live bullets, rubber bullets or tear gas bombs. No Israeli have lost their lives.

Prime Minister Netanyahu did not announce how much money would be subtracted from the Palestinian fund, but the Israeli National Radio estimated the cost of damages to be around 5 million shekels or $1.4 million.

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