Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers in an attempt to reach the border

By Middle East Affairs

The Israeli Army announced on Monday that they had killed a Palestinian man carrying an ax in an attempt to reach the Gaza border.

The IDF released a statement that they had stopped “infiltration attempt by two terrorists who damaged the security fence and were armed with an ax.”

The statement said that they had shot and killed the first suspect, but they did not release any information about the second Palestinian involved in the incident.

The Health Ministry in Gaza has not yet commented on the event.

A Hamas affiliated news agency in Gaza, Al-Aqsa TV, showed a video of young men cutting the fence. In the video, the young men can also be seen throwing what looks like a petrol bomb, then running back to Gaza.

The video does not depict anyone getting shot, but an eyewitness did report that one of the young men was hit as soon as he tried to flee, shortly after the IDF carried the body away.

The operation of the men cutting the fence was in retaliation to a 21-year-old medic that was shot dead in the field while treating the wounded and injured in Gaza. Razan Al-Najjar was visibly wearing the red cross symbol that showed she was a medical professional, Israeli forces violated international law by shooting and killing a medical professional.

Since Palestinians began marching in the Great Return Protests in March, 125 Palestinians have been killed while protesting, more than 3000 have been injured, some still remain in critical condition while many of the injured will be disabled for the rest of their lives.

In one day Israel killed 61 Palestinians protesting at the border with live bullets, rubber bullets and tear gas bombs that were responsible for the death of an eight-month-year-old infant that was in a “safety tent” near the Gaza border. No Israeli personnel has been killed during the protests. May 14 was also the same day as the opening ceremony and celebration of the American embassy relocating to the hotly disputed holy city of Jerusalem.

Israel has blamed Hamas for all the violence.


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