Jordan’s king says he “stands with the Jordanian people”


(Arab News) AMMAN: Jordan’s King Abdullah II announced on Monday that he “stands with the Jordanian people” regarding the on-going crisis in the kingdom.

King Abdullah II said in a statement that he recognizes the people’s “struggles” amidst a hike in the cost of living that has led to five consecutive days of violent demonstrations in Jordan.

King Abdullah blamed regional conflicts for the worsening economic situation in his country, and he bemoaned the government for failing to communicate to the people its controversial new taxation plan.

Finally, the king called for a “constructive and transparent dialogue” to resolve the crisis, calling on the government to listen to all Jordanians.

The king’s statement also reiterated the need to protect Jordanians with low-to-middle income — insisting that citizens must feel a higher return and quality of services in return for paying higher taxes.

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