Iraq’s PM believes “dangerous violations” occurred in May parliamentary election

By Middle East Affairs

Iraq’s prime minister spoke of “dangerous violations” in the May 12 parliamentary election that cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr’s block won a sweeping number of seats in parliament.

Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi recommends that some of the votes from the election be recounted by hand to ensure accuracy in the results.

In the same news conference, he also told reporters that some members of Iraq’s electoral commission would be banned from traveling abroad without seeking his permission.

Al-Abadi admitted that at first he supported moving forward with the new government, but after studying the government’s report of possible violations he became increasingly worried.

His concerns raise further insecurity in Iraq’s democratic process, one where political blocs of different ideas begin to manage the difficult process of forming a new government.

Western eyes are watching and monitoring the situation in Iraq, as the new bloc led Sadr has a history of inciting violence and rising insurgency against U.S troops in bloody battles. He is also anti-Iran, despite the massive influence that Iran holds over Iraq and the multiple politicians that favor Iranian support.

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