Yemen wants U.S. help to prevent a new Hezbollah forming in its borders


DUBAI: Yemen’s Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Yamani has called on the United States for cooperation to thwart any attempt of a new Hezbollah being formed in Yemen, which would threaten security and stability in the region.

Al-Yamani said, during his meeting in Riyadh with the US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller, that his government supports the United States position towards the Iranian regime and rejects its “intervention and its absurd agenda” in the region.

He told the ambassador of the importance of all partners’ continued support and backed efforts for a peaceful political settlement in Yemen including that of the UN envoy’s attempts to find a just and sustainable political solution to the crisis in the country.

Al-Yamani, according to official Yemeni news agency, pointed to the importance of concerted efforts to stop the suffering of the Yemeni people, which he said will only be achieved by providing humanitarian aid, sending relief to those who deserve it, and ending the main causes of suffering caused by the Houthis against the state and its legitimate institutions.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador said that his government will work with the Yemeni government, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen and all partners to achieve a common goal of restoring the legitimate state, and ensuring the security and stability of Yemen and the region.

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