Yemen’s army advances towards Hodeidah


(Arab News)DUBAI: Yemen’s army, supported by Saudi-led Arab coalition, continued their advance towards the center of Hodeidah province.

The website of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, citing sources on the ground, said the army launched attacks on sites held by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in the area of Durahmi.

The sources said the fighting centered in the area of Quba, located five kilometers south of the Hodeidah airport.

A Yemeni military source said the army had made progress on the ground in the Husseiniya area.

There were a number of civilian deaths and the Houthi militia suffered dozens of fatalities and many were injured.

Meanwhile, Arab coalition Apache aircraft launched intensive air strikes hitting Houthi targets in several areas south of the province.

Sources said Apache raids targeted militia concentrations in the farm of Barzah and on the road linking the areas of Zabid and al-Haytha, leaving more than 80 dead and dozens injured.

Elsewhere in the Nham area, east of Sanaa, units of the Yemeni army attacked elements of the Houthi militia on Monday.

According to a statement quoted by the site of (26 September) of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, there were violent clashes between the two sides in Jabal al-Jubair and Wattah al-Hamra.

The source added that the army inflicted heavy losses on the militia, several were also captured.

In the district of Sarawah, west of Marib province, the army took control of three military positions controlled by the militia.

The army launched an artillery attack over the various locations, striking members of the Houthi militia in the Zughan and Ajram areas.

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