Suicide bombers target Haftar’s forces, Libyan civilian casualties to be announced

By Middle East Affairs

On Tuesday, the military forces of Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar were struck by two suicide bombers reported a spokesperson for Haftar.

Haftar has been leading an offensive against extremists making his forces a target for extremists. Spokesman Khalifa Al-Abidi said that the booms from the explosions could be heard across Derna.

He did not specify the number of lives claimed by the attack but did say that civilians had suffered and that a family’s roof had collapsed destroying their home.

Less than 24 hours earlier, another suicide bomber killed two fighters of Haftar’s Libyan National Army and wounded three said Abidi.

Haftar’s Army has spent the last month trying to capture the only eastern town out of their control, Derna.

Derna is currently a holds for numerous extremists militias that despise both Haftar and ISIS.

Abidi said Haftar’s army is “advancing steadily to liberate a very small remaining pocket before liberating the whole of Derna.

Derna is more than 1000 kilometers east of east of the capital Tripoli and around 300 kilometers east of second largest city Benghazi.

Terrorists are resorting to suicide bombs because none of their conventional ways of attacking Haftar’s army has previously worked said Abidi.

The army leader wants to make a capital in the east since he opposes the government in Tripoli which is recognized by the rest of the international community. Critics of Haftar say that he is aiming to begin his military dictatorship.



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