Greenblatt will travel to Doha to discuss Gaza plan that excludes Egypt’s role

By Middle East Affairs

Western sources told Middle East Affairs the U.S. envoy to the peace process, Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Doha on the 20th of this month to discuss the humanitarian situation in Gaza accompanied by Qatari leadership.

The sources pointed out that Greenblatt is inclined to the Qatari vision on the introduction of humanitarian facilities into Gaza without getting into the political complications of the Palestinian reconciliation issue and Israeli occupation. According to sources Greenblatt has received the green light from Tel Aviv to form a real vision on the introduction of facilities to the Gaza Strip urgently, without the need for concessions from Hamas ahead of the project.

The sources pointed out that a strong contradiction now appears between the vision of U.N. envoy Nikolay Miladnov, who presented a vision on the need for facilities through the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Israel within the political vision based on reconciliation and the two-state solution. Their vision is contrary to the Qatari vision that excludes Egypt from the equation and goes towards solving the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip immediately.

The sources revealed the vision of Greenblatt, Doha depends on the creation of a humanitarian committee to oversee the supervision of assistance away from Hamas. This committee may be formed within the institutions of Palestinian civil society and UN institutions as the international body will present a daily report on the movement of aid and its development to the Israeli side. Part of the committee would also monitor the import of building materials into Gaza, which has been unable to rebuild in the face of war and constant attacks from Israel.

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