Four U.A.E soldiers killed in Hodeidah

By Middle East Affairs

On the first day of fighting, four soldiers from the UAE had been killed in battle fighting in the Arab coalition to help Yemen’s army take control of Red Sea port, Hodeidah.

The General of the U.A.E Armed forces said four of its “brave soldiers” were killed in battle helping to “restore hope” to Yemen legitimate government.

As of Thursday, the soldiers that have been killed include Lt. Khalifa Khalifa Saif Saeed Al-Khatiri, Ali Mohammed Rashid Al-Hassani, Sergeant Khamis Abdullah Khamis Al-Zuwaidi and Corporal Obaid Hamdan Saeed Al-Abdouli.

The General Command of the Armed Forces offered its condolences to the families of the soldiers that had lost their lives in battle in Yemen.

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