“Houthi bandits sold Yemen and must be removed“: Ex-president Saleh said before his death


LONDON: In a speech thought to be his last prior to his assassination, the late Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh asked Yemeni people to rise against the Houthi whom he said have sold their nation and killed women children and elderly.

“Houthi militia have been liquidating Yemeni people, and stealing their fortune and the fortune of the country, they have become rich owning real estate and big cars after entering Sana’a bare foot.” Saleh said in a speech while his house was being bombed.

The late president of Yemen added that “the Yemeni people have suffered 3 years of hardship, extremism and sectarianism, during which Houthi militia inserted by force their allies in ministries and government departments as if claiming that only their followers are infallible based on a foreign ideology that is now ours.” he said

In that recording, the ex-president of Yemen, for four decades, called on Yemenis to rise in order to protect democracy and the freedom of all Yemenis.

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