Saudi launches response plan to help Yemeni people

By Middle East Affairs

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has prepared a response plan for Yemeni forces as they try to seize control of Houthi controlled port city of Hodeidah.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Moallem, director for health and environmental aid at KSRelief announced that the plan included sending medical teams to the port city and increasing humanitarian aid to the citizens of Yemen.

On Saturday, the army took control of the airport and is continuing to make advances against Iran backed Houthi militia.

Dr. Al-Moallem speaking to Arab News said “We have our comprehensive plan ready, and with the liberation we’ll help with medical supplies and equipment, extending full support to government hospitals” and “providing much-needed assistance to distressed people in the area.”

He also said, “KSRelief will provide health services to all Yemenis without any discrimination.”

Medical, as well as food, will be sent from the Saudi port of Jazan to Hodeidah, in addition to relief supplies being sent from Saudi to Yemen by land and air.

KSRelief will also be sending 25 specialized doctors to treat all Yemeni who need medical attention without discrimination said Dr. Al-Moallem.

The Kingdom has also sent food aid to the Al-Khokha and Hayes districts of Hodeidah which has benefitted 690. This is one of 262 humanitarian projects that the Kingdom has taken on in Yemen.

The Arab coalition that supports the Yemeni government has also launched a detailed plan of how to assist the millions of Yemeni that need humanitarian relief for their survival.

Supervisor general of KSRelief Abdullah Al-Rabeeah said: “Medical teams are ready to reach and support families and children in need.”

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