Yemeni army secures safe passage for citizens

By Middle East Affairs

On Sunday the Yemeni army announced that it had secured safe passage for citizens who were ready to evacuate Hodeidah.

The army extended their offer to members of the Houthi militia that are willing to put down their weapons and leave their posts.

As of Sunday, fighting continued to explode around the port city of Hodeidah with the Arab coalition forces striking the airport by air and coming closer to the position of the Houthi militia.

The operation to abdicate power away from the Houthi militia and get them to give up control of Hodeidah has been carried out to assist UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths said the UAE, the main coalition partner.

On Twitter, Anwar Gargash, the UAE minister of state for foreign affairs posted “We are at a turning point because as long as the Houthis hold Hodeidah, they will continue to impede the political process.”

He also said, “We firmly believe that the liberation of Hodeidah will pull the Houthis back to the negotiating table.”

Gargash said that the people of Yemen do not want to be ruled by Iranian extremists. He said, “We will continue to focus on our two main goals: To protect the flow of humanitarian aid and to protect civilians.”

Since the battle of Hodeidah launched last week, the army has reported killing 500 Houthi militia members.

Rajeh Badi, the Yemeni government spokesperson said to Arab News that Houthi only understands the language of force. He is not hopeful that Houthi leaders would be willing to discuss peace talks with U.S. envoy Griffiths.

Badi said, “Unless they get the green light from their leaders in Iran they will never give up their weapons or surrender in peace and spare the innocent citizens in Hodeidah and the rest of the Yemeni territories under their control their atrocities.”

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