Young Palestinian killed by Israeli forces for approaching the border

By Middle East Affairs

On Monday,a 24-year-old Palestinian was blown up by Israel when he approached the border in Gaza.

The Israeli military released a statement explaining their reason for setting off the explosives were “five terrorists who tried to sabotage the (border) security infrastructure”.

In the two months since the Great Return March protests began, more than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops.

The statement also read, “The security infrastructure exploded, and as a result of that, there were casualties among the terrorists.”

The Israeli military did not offer further comment or whether they had recently began using new tactics against Palestinians.

Since 2014, the last war between Hamas and Israel, Israeli forces have increased their strategy to prevent cross-border attacks, improving rocket interceptors and investing in technologies for detecting and destroying guerrilla tunnels. They have also routinely sent drones filled with gas above Palestinian territory to cause fires and scorch materials.

During the Great Return March protests in which Palestinians have demonstrated near the border to try to gather international awareness for their right to their ancestral lands, no Israelis have been killed, and only three cases of light injuries have been reported, one being bruising and the other reported cases was stress from airstrikes sent from Gaza. On the other hand, over 130 Palestinians were shot down by Israeli forces, more than 60 from a single day and 3000 injured with severe wounds. Journalists, medics, and children as young as an eight month-year-old infant have been among the casualties from Israeli forces.

Palestinians from Gaza have responded by flying kites filled with arsenic materials which have sent fire to farmlands owned by Israeli settlers. In return, Israel responded by launching nine blasts on Hamas targets in Gaza on Monday.

Addressing the arsenic kites, the military wrote in their statement, “These are terrorist acts that endanger Israeli residents living in southern Israel and damage extensive areas in Israeli territory.”

As Israeli military general said that it had been inducting drone enthusiasts into the military as army reservationists by encouraging them to fly their drones into Palestinian kites.

In 2018, more than two million Palestinians live in Gaza, mostly descents of refugees that were forced to evacuate in 1948 when the international community created Israel. The two million Palestinians rely on international support for their livelihood as Israel has enforced prison-like living conditions on the territory, restricting their freedom of movement and allowing only four hours of electricity a day.

Wars with Israel have left most of Gaza unliveable with ruined infrastructure, many Palestinians are forced to live in destroyed buildings or sleep in the street, finding jobs is equally hard, and more and more families are forced to rely on international aid to survive.

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