Gaza wakes up to Israeli attacks on Hamas targets

By Middle East Affairs

In the early hours of Wednesday, Israel struck 25 Hamas targets in Gaza as retribution for Hamas rockets and mortar shells fired into Israel.

Residents in Gaza said that two Hamas members were injured, no injuries were reported in Israel, despite it being one of the most intense attacks between the two sides in recent times.

In Israel, residents could hear air raid sirens as well as receiving warnings through phone applications.

The IDF reported 30 rockets and mortar shells into Israel, while it’s Iron Dome was able to stop seven rockets.

The last war with Hamas and Israel ended in 2014, but Israel has steadily been improving its defense system including improving rocket interceptors, as well as increased funding and support in technologies for detecting and destroying guerrilla tunnels.

Palestinians have in turn responded with flying kites doused in coal embers or burning rags to torch lands in Israel, some have carried small explosive devices to further damage property in Israeli settlements.

Since the Great Return March that spurred weekly protests in Gaza and around Palestinian territories, over 132 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli snipers including journalists, medics, disabled Palestinians, and children as young as an eight-month-old infant.

In retaliation of the extreme mass violence that Israel has imposed on Palestinians, some Palestinians have sent kites into Israel.

Israel has been condemned internationally for their extreme mass killings of Palestinians, but little has been done to demand action from them to stop.

The Great Return March protests have seen upwards of tens of thousands of Palestinians attending to draw international support for their outrage of being forced to flee their ancestral homes and remain refugees for 70 years, forced to survive under Israeli occupation.

Israel has, in turn, blamed Hamas for the violence onto Palestinians, saying that the group is forcing Palestinians to threaten Israeli security. After the deadliest day (May 14) for Palestinians including the killing of eight children by Israeli soldiers, Israel said that Hamas had gotten what it wanted by winning the PR campaign and manipulating the story.

Two million people live in Gaza, most are the families of the first refugees from the time that Israel became a state and forced evacuations of Palestinians. In recent years, Hamas and Palestine have fought three wars against each other.

Israel, along with Egypt enforces a blockade of the Gaza strip, both citing security concerns for keeping their states protected. Their decision in turn has caused the collapse and crisis of the economy in Gaza, forcing the majority of Palestinian living there to rely on international aid for their survival, limiting their rights to work and travel, as well as poisoning the water supply and enforcing a four hour daily electricity rationing, on a good day.



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