Israel and Hamas spent the night shelling each other’s targets

By Middle East Affairs

In retaliation for rockets coming from Palestine, Israel pounded Hamas targets in Gaza in a new attack early Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus said that the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades would show no mercy to Hamas targets. He said that fighting would intensify to show the message that Israel would not allow such behavior from Gaza.

Actions at the border have intensified in the last few months and violence has escalated to such levels that it bears comparison to the last war in 2014.

The latest attacks between Hamas and Israel, coincide with U.S. envoy’s visit to the region to the region, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are campaigning for Trump’s peace plan and seeking donations from Arab countries to invest in rebuilding Gaza.

Overnight Israel targeted three separate Hamas targets in response to Palestine’s flying arsenic kites into Israeli settlements that have burned farmlands.

Israel is very angry at the kites and Conricus has said, “They may look like toys but I can assure they are not toys, they are weapons intended to kill and to inflict damage.”

Seven missiles were stopped by the Iron Dome, in total, the IDF is reporting 45 rockets and mortar shells from Gaza to Israel.

Israel’s response has been to carry out more raids, targetting an additional 25 “terror objectives” referring to Palestinians, they also targeted an underground training facility.

Gaza medics reported five injured from Israeli shelling.

Hamas and allied militant group Islamic Jihad reported targetting seven Israeli military positions in response to Israeli aggression and violence towards Palestinians.

Conricus said that most of the 200,000 Israeli settlers close enough to be in the range of Gaza missiles spent the night in their bomb shelters following sirens that alerted them to the danger.

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