Yemen army continues to make gains against Houthi militia


(Arab News) The Yemeni army, with the backing of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, gained control on Wednesday new positions in the front of Al-Zaher, south of the Houthi-stronghold of Saada.

The commander of the special forces brigade, Brigadier General Adel bin Ali Al-Musabi, said that the army forces were engaged in fierce battles with the Houthi militia for three days, Saudi state channel El-Akhbariya reported.

The Houthi militia suffered heavy losses in their ranks, he added.

According to the information center of the armed forces, the army was able to liberate the mountains of Al-Kharashi and Al-Ruqi, while continuing to move towards the liberation of Jabal Al-Jarza.

Military forces were also advancing towards Houthi positions on the Maran mountains.

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