Unannounced Qatari aid to Jordan equivalent to all Gulf aid


BY Middle East Affairs
Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani visited Jordan on June 13 following protests in the Jordanian capital of Amman and several provinces that forced Prime Minister Hani al-Mulqi to resign. The visit resulted in $ 0.5 billion in financial aid to Jordan as a first aid payment.

According to the Algerian newspaper Hawar, Qatar has pledged to pay an equal amount of Gulf financial support to Jordan during the $ 2.5 billion Mecca summit. But Doha has completed the report by asking that the total amount not be announced now because Prince Hamad bin Khalifa, the current father of Prince Tamim, was hesitant to grant his son, Prince Tamim, the final approval.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, Jordan received financial support during the “Mecca Summit”, which included Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait at two billion five hundred million US dollars, the words “deposit in the Central Bank of Jordan,” guarantees for the World Bank for Jordan, and the annual budget support of the government for five years Funding from development funds for enterprise development

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