13,000 Algerian migrants left to wander the desert with no shelter

By Middle East Affairs

More than 13,000 migrants have been forced to wander the Sahara Desert without food or water over the last two months, many have been forced to walk for days on end searching for relief.

Among the 13,000 migrants are pregnant women and children.

According to interviews conducted by the Associated Press, all migrants along the way saw their fellow migrants collapse due to heat and exhaustion, none of them were seen getting back up again.

Temperatures in the Sahara Desert can get up to 48 degrees.

In the best case scenario, migrants reach the borders of Nigeria or Mali within a few hours of wandering. For many more, the wandering in the desert lasts for days.

Algeria continues denying the mistreatment of their migrants, however, proof exists in the many videos shot by AP of people wandering in the desert without water, food or shelter.

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