Egypt ministry committee to investigate funds of prominent cancer hospital


CAIRO: Egypt’s solidarity ministry will be investigating one of the biggest hospitals specialized in cancer treatment among children in Egypt over accusations of corruption.

Local reports said Minister Ghada Waly has issued a decree to form a committee to examine the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation after several MPs filed complaints claiming the hospital mismanages its donor funds.

MPs are accusing the non-profit hospital which relies on charity of exploring donor money on expensive TV ads to draw fundraising.
The MPs have submitted urgent requests to the speaker of House of Representatives, the Social Solidarity Minister, and the Prime Minister to respond to charges, according to Al-Masry el-Youm newspaper.

Its medical team has denied accusations of corruption.
The hospital’s head, Sheirf Aboulnaga, told local news website Masrawy that the decision to investigate the hospital’s funds hasn’t bothered him.

“We’ve been asking for this decision for a while now, as we remain silent in the face of the unjustified accusations being hurled at us. But we are patient and acting responsibly.”

The hospital is named after the number 57357, the bank account number at which it accepts donations.

Fundraising to build it started in 1998 until the hospital opened its doors in 2003.

It runs several ads while featuring cancer patients who have been cured or in need for support across Arab satellite channels, to encourage donations

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