President Hadi: Houthis must surrender weapons, withdraw for peace in Yemen


DUBAI: President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi reiterated his previous comments regarding the Houthi militias handing over their weapons and withdrawing from cities under their control.

During his meeting at the presidential palace in Aden with the minister of defense and other military officials, he said: “any negotiation or political process requires the application of the provisions of UN resolution No. 2216, which calles on the Houthi militias to withdraw from state institutions and surrender their weapons.”

President Hadi said, according to the Yemen news agency, that the Yemeni people can no longer tolerate this absurd war any further.

The Yemeni president said that the Houthi militia and their supporters in Tehran must implementing the requirements of the UN resolution or bear the consequences of their intransigence.

He stressed that the goal of eradicating Iran’s dangerous expansion project is close to being achieved, adding that Iran’s attempts to expand its influence “threatens the present and future of Yemen and its people, who reject sectarianism and Iranian ideas executed through the Houthi militia”

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