Two Filipino women kidnapped in Iraq — security sources


Iraq: On Saturday, Two Filipino ladies were abducted by unknown in Iraq on a road connecting Baghdad to Kirkuk, military, police, and local officials told Reuters.

Two military sources said that the ladies were traveling with three other nationals of the Philippines on their approach to Irbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, when their auto broke down.

The military sources also added that the two women left the car after it broke down. Suddenly, an unknown men were passing and they took them in a yellow car.

The sources said: “The car, affiliation, and identities of the kidnappers was not instantly clear.”

In the course of recent weeks and close to the region the ladies were taken from, there has been a small increase in assaults, attacks and kidnappings by Daesh militants.

Last month, No less than eight individuals from the security forces were kidnapped and later killed by the ultra-hardline militants on that same highway.

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