Ozkan, a Turkish tourist accused of supporting Hamas by Israel


BY: Middle East Affairs

JERUSALEM: On Sunday, Israel charged a confined Turkish tourist with carrying cash and bundles to activist gathering Hamas, for a situation that has maddened Ankara, which has promised to counter.

Since a month ago, Ebru Ozkan, 27, has been held when she was detained trying to board a flight in Tel Aviv. One of the charges she faces is for carrying five containers of perfume, which her legal advisor disparaged as insignificant, saying she ought to be discharged.

The case has additionally stressed relations amongst Israel and Turkey, who once delighted in inviting ties however have seen them end up rancorous as of late as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has set his power in Turkey.

Ozkan was driven, manacled, to the dock in an Israeli military court on the limit with the involved West Bank, where she was arraigned on two include of acting the administration of a restricted gathering, one tally of exchanging cash for foe agents, and one count of threatening public order.

On the off chance that indicted, she could confront quite a long while in prison, she could face several years in jail. In spite of the fact that she is blamed for having additionally brought different things, prosecutors put at the highest priority on the rundown her sneaking five bottles of perfume to be sold to raise stores for Hamas.

Omara Khamaisi, Ozkan’s lawyer said in response to that charge: “Come on, really? I imagine that in this the case the choice will at last be an overcome one — to discharge her, I hope.”

Khamaisi said: “Ozkan had been denied access to legitimate advice for the vast majority of her confinement and had not been cross examined in Turkish, prompting contortions in the way her responses to questions were recorded.”

The arraignment did not give specifics on where the charged offenses occurred. Khamaisi said Ozkan had spent three days in Jerusalem amid her remain.

There was no immediate comment from Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip under de facto Israeli blockade. Hamas is classified as a terrorist group by Israel and the West, yet not by NATO-part Turkey.
On Friday, asked about Ozkan’s case, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu referred to her as “our sister” and blamed Israel for “taking obstruction measures against our residents making a trip to Jerusalem.

He added: “In any case, we will counter against this. Our relations will standardize when Israel stops its inhumane policies.”

Turkey and Israel once had a bedrock security partnership. In any case, the relationship has decayed in the course of the most recent decade, with Ankara condemning three Israeli wars in Gaza. Ties were ruptured after Israeli commandos stormed a Turkish aid flotilla trying to reach Gaza in 2010, killing nine activists.

Muslims represent only a little level of approaching visitors to Israel. In 2016, the vast majority of them, around 100,000, originated from Turkey.

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