3 mutilated bodies of kids were discovered dumped in Cairo, Egypt

  • Woman saw dogs feeding on what she thought was rubbish, only to find the remains of children’s bodies
  • It is unclear what lead to the children’s demise

EGYPT: The mutilated remains of three children have been found dumped on the side of a Cairo road wrapped in black garbage bags on Tuesday, according to local reports.

The grisly discovery was made by a woman who saw dogs scavenging among what she thought was dumped garbage as she walked to work in the Marioteya district of greater Cairo – it was only when she got closer that she saw a baby’s head.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the bodies belonged to a one-year-old baby, and two children aged three and five.

It is not clear how the children died, although local speculation suggested they might have suffered stab wounds – although this was not confirmed by police.

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