Gaza : Two Palestinian teens killed, Dozens were injured during the Israeli attack

BY: Middle East Affairs
Palestinian local sources told Middle East Affairs that two children were killed, and dozens were injured in various areas of the Gaza Strip, due to the Israeli airstrikes on Saturday.

The two young children who were killed in Gaza during the bombing today – Amir al-Namarah 15, and Lou’ai Kuhail 16.

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They were murdered when Israelis bombed a civilian building in the west of Gaza city.

Health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said. ” many injuries, including two children have been reported so far during Israel’s ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Ashraf Al-Qudra added: “A number of citizens were injured in different locations in the Gaza Strip.” The resources confirmed that Israeli occupation forces completely destroyed a civilian building in the west of Gaza city.

On Saturday, the Israeli occupation forces targeted a house in the southern of Gaza Strip. Two injuries were transferred to Nasser Hospital for treatment.

Earlier today, Israeli planes targeted more than 40 locations in the Gaza Strip, while the Palestinian resistance fired more than 90 mortar bombs and rockets toward Israel.

The Knesset member “Tzipi Livni” n an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, called for the latest escalation with Gaza: “The option of implementing a military operation in Gaza should be discussed, but without leading to the occupation of the Gaza Strip.”

Livni added: “I do not think that we should occupy Gaza Strip, and no one in the Israeli government wants to occupy it again.”

The Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “we will expand our reaction as much as needed. If Hamas doesn’t understand the message today, it will tomorrow.”

Netanyahu held ongoing discussions with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot and senior security officials. “It was decided to take tough action against aggression from Gaza. Israel will increase its force as much as need. Our assumption of Hamas has been the worst blow since Operation Protective Edge,” an Israeli official said.

The site where a rocket landed in in Sha’ar Hanegev, Israel, Saturday, July 14, 2018/Eliyahu Hershkowitz

The wounded Israelis include a 50-year-old male with wounds to his chest, a 17-year-old female with facial wounds and a 20-year-old female with wounded limbs. Emergency responders took the wounded to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

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Egypt and other international players were holding contacts with Israel and Gaza to restore calm. There was no immediate comment from officials in Cairo. Sources said that the cease-fire began at 06:30 pm today.

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