Israel liberates Ebru Ozkan in the wake of accusing her of supporting Hamas

  • Israel liberates Ebru Ozkan, blamed for helping Hamas
  • Last month, Turkey threatened retaliation after Ebru Ozkan’s detention

JERUSALEM: On Monday, Ozkan’s lawyer said that Israel has discharged a Turkish lady who had been captured while going by on a visitor visa and blamed for helping the Palestinian group Hamas, for a situation that angered Ankara and Israel.

Last month, Turkey threatened retaliation after Ebru Ozkan’s detention. The ex-partners have for some time been at loggerheads over Israeli strategy toward the Palestinians and Jerusalem’s status.

Omar Khamaisi, Ozkan’s lawyer, said she traveled to Istanbul on Sunday, seven days after an Israeli military court prosecuted her. An appeals court had requested her liberated and restored her international ID, he told Reuters, including: “The arraignment still stands, however I imagine that will be dropped as well.”

The Turkish news agency Anadlou cited Ozkan, after arriving, as expressing gratitude toward President Tayyip Erdogan for having been “sufficiently thoughtful to be exceptionally intrigued by my case.”

Remarking on the decision to release Ozkan, an Israeli official, talking on condition of anonymity, stated: “There are various factors behind this decision, including the measure of time she had effectively spent in detainment and the way that the charges weren’t particularly grave in the main place.”The official declined to be drawn on whether Turkish diplomatic pressure may likewise have been a factor.

A month ago, Ozkan was held at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport while trying to board her original flight home after a visit that took her to Jerusalem, whose Al-Aqsa Mosque draws pilgrims from the couple of Muslim nations that have relations with Israel.

Also, She was accused of helping sneaking cash and bundles to Hamas, which is classed as a terrorist group in Israel and the West, however not by NATO-control Turkey. Ozkan’s legal counselor expelled the charges as unmerited and, possibly, politically propelled. Hamas did not comment on the case.

Turkey’s government had referred to Israel’s treatment of Ozkan and a few other detained Turkish visitors as among “inhumane policies” that were souring two-sided ties.

In December, Turkey vocally contradicted a US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestinians need a state with a capital in eastern parts of the city where Al-Aqsa, and in addition major Jewish and Christian shrines are housed.

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