The Palestinians are protesting the US refusal to grant visas to come to UN

  • Palestinians require more healing centers, more schools in east Jerusalem and somewhere else, and all the more lodging
  • The high-level meeting is hearing what almost 50 nations are doing to actualize the UN objectives to battle neediness, advance improvement and gender equality, and save the earth by 2030

UNITED NATIONS: The Palestinians are dissenting the US refusal to give visas to six specialists from the head administrator’s office to go to the United Nations to display a write about Palestinian implementation of UN objectives for 2030.

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN minister, told two journalists Wednesday that Israel “confounded the issue” by declining to enable a few of the specialists to make a trip from Ramallah to Jerusalem where the US Consulate is situated to mind their visas. Mansour said: “We censure this action.”

He said it damages the UN concurrence with the United States as host nation of the world association, which requires the US to encourage UN work and enable representatives to go to UN meetings.

Mansour said he intends to send a letter of dissent to the General Assembly advisory group managing host nation relations. The US Mission said it was investigating the objection. Israel’s UN Mission did not quickly react to an email looking for comment.

Since the specialists couldn’t go to the high-level meeting occurring this week at UN home office, Mansour said he and his group “could improvise” and introduced the Palestinian reportr Tuesday. He said it “got a long commendation from the members.”

Mansour said he began the introduction by “censuring the way that they were denied visas, and the work of our delegation was obstructed in violation of the headquarters agreement.”

The high-level meeting is hearing what about 50 nations are doing to actualize the UN objectives to battle neediness, promote development and gender equality, and save the environment by 2030.

In November 2012, the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to overhaul the Palestinians’ status from an UN spectator to a non-voting eyewitness state, empowering it to make a deliberate report.

Mansour said that despite the fact that the Palestinians are attempting their best to satisfy the distinctive UN objectives by 2030, “the abrogating issue impacting our push to achieve these goals is the negative impact of occupation” by Israel.

Regardless of that, he stated, “we nearly have 100 percent of education for our children, our illiteracy is near zero, there’s change in the medicinal field, yet there’s need and difficulties.”

Mansour said the Palestinians require more doctor’s facilities, more schools in east Jerusalem and somewhere else, and all the more lodging.

“As far as food security, we don’t have individuals who are starving although 1.2 million from the populace in the Gaza Strip depend on nourishment program help and assistance from UNRWA,” which is confronting a financing emergency after real US cuts.

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