After being acquitted from the French judiciary,Dahlan ” I will confront anyone who seeks to target me by law”


BY: Middle East Affairs

Manuel Faux and Daniel Blonde were fined by the Paris Court of First Instance.They were fined as the perpetrators of the public defamation against the Legislative Council member, Mohammed Dahlan. They were found guilty according to sections 29-34 from article 132 of the French Criminal Code.

Mohammed Dahlan said in a statement: “I have no comment on the judgment of the French judiciary, but I will confront anyone who seeks to target me by law.”

Dahlan said in telephone intervention with Al Ghad channel, commenting on the verdict by the French judiciary, and if there is a new way to face his enemies: “It is not a new path, but one of the potentially powerful means that are available and accessible to everybody, especially the French or European judiciary, which I resorted in order to reveal the truth of manipulating the emotions of the Palestinian people that we have experienced over the past ten years that has aggravated the burden and the worries of the Palestinian people, whether in Jerusalem or the Gaza Strip.”

Dahlan adds: “I have the right to go after all those people who are manipulating with the blood of the Palestinian people by fabricating charges in several places, especially when it comes to the historical leader Yasser Arafat, which I was the closest to him.” He adds: “The heritage of Yasser Arafat, his name and symbol, should be used in political disputes.

It was necessary to take an action and I preferred to go to the judiciary which I trusted the most. The verdict was really shocking for those who wanted to bring misery and suffering to the Palestinian people.” “I am really proud because I got this decision from the court in condemning to abuse me or to insult Yasser Arafat, to offend the Palestinian people or to exonerate Israel,” he said.

Dahlan said with a strong tone: “All those who contributed or wrongly transferred the issue of the martyrdom of Yasser Arafat was intended to acquit Israel, and this has been for the past ten years.” On the rumors and attempts that aim to misuse his name, Dahlan said: ” “I do not care about those accusations or slander from my politicians’ opponents, which are few by the way.

Perhaps the anxiety they suffer from the right word which I do not exaggerate or my national and political positions. Moreover, I really pity them whenever they use my name in many cases.” He continued: “Many people used my name in different coups, clusters and big operations that major powers cannot handle.

I seriously pity all of them and I am still doing my job and my duty towards the Palestinian people because I am the son of this great people.” He added: “Despite the fact that this issue came in difficult circumstances in which our children in the Gaza Strip suffer from poverty, deprivation, siege and the division that we have followed over the past years. We are doing our best to end this division between Hamas and Abo Mazen, we hope that they will take the last opportunity given to them by Egypt last week, which we followed closely.

Moreover, we have to work on the formation of a national unity government that leading to elections to rebuild the Palestinian political system.” Dahlan also said: “Whoever want to abuse me by using my name to get a privilege from any state or any particular person, I will confront them with law.

It should be noted that I have won all the cases I have addressed to the judicial system.” Dahlan revealed his intention to continue to prosecute all those who abused him, he explained: “There are also many other issues, and I will not leave anyone who abused me during the past years. Also, I will do my best towards the Palestinian case.”

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