Israeli private high-tech companies raised a record $3.2 billion in the principal half of 2018


BY: Middle East Affairs

On Tuesday, the Israel Venture Capital Research Center and ZAG law firm said: “Israeli private innovative organizations raised a record $3.2 billion in the principal half of 2018, up 37 percent from multi year sooner.”

However, the IVC-Zag report showed that in the second quarter high-tech firms raised $1.61 billion, including $300 million raised via Landa Digital Printing from private investment firm SKion GmbH and German specialty chemicals group Altana. This contrasts and $1.58 billion in the primary quarter and $1.27 billion multi year sooner.

Capital raised from outside speculators was developing, “because of an expansion in ventures from China, and in addition from European financial specialists who are intrigued, in addition to other things, in car innovation,” Zag managing partner Shmulik Zysman said. This trend is expected to continue, he said.

Moreover, programming organizations brought the most funds in the second quarter with $584 million. Artificial intelligence organizations raised $426 million.

(Reporting by Tova Cohen; Editing by Steven Scheer)

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