Daman, registered to be evacuated from Syria along with hundreds of the White Helmets


By: Middle East Affairs

MIZANAZ, Syria – Fearing for his life, Daman Ayed enrolled to be emptied from Syria alongside several different individuals from the White Helmets safeguard benefit, seeking after another life in Canada.

Be that as it may, the 20-year-old was not among the few hundred individuals who were vivacious out of the nation a weekend ago finished the Israeli-possessed Golan Heights and into Jordan. At the point when the rundown of names affirmed for departure arrived, his name was not on it.

Said Ayed: “They let us know at midnight that the names had come. We were astounded what number of names had not been affirmed.” Just two of the general population working at his safeguard focus were on the rundown.

Rather, he joined a huge number of other individuals boarding transports for resistance region in northwest Syria under the terms of the radicals’ surrender to the legislature.

The White Helmets said that a significant number of the safeguard laborers and their families initially expected to join the clearing were not ready to achieve the outskirts due to battling.

Nearly around 800 individuals, including around 250 White Helmets, alongside 550 relatives, in the plans, just around 100 save specialists and around 300 relatives could cross through the Golan Heights and Jordan.

Be that as it may, other White Helmets, including Ayed, were never cleared for departure. “We sent these lists…and a few names were rejected and a few names were acknowledged,” said Ammar al-Selmo, a White Helmet working at the gathering’s central command in Turkey.

England, Canada and Germany were among the nations that offered resettlement and masterminded the clearing.

Inquired as to why some White Helmets were excluded in the clearing designs, a British Foreign Ministry representative stated: “This was a reaction to a particular and pressing circumstance”.

“We have worked, nearby our accomplices, to utilize our discretionary channels to clear the greatest number of White Helmets and their families as was conceivable in a to a great degree compelled security setting.”

German authorities declined to remark.

Ayed, who has touched base in the northwest alongside his folks and younger sibling, said despite everything he sees leaving Syria as his best any expectation of surviving the war.

He said: “As to takeoff for Canada, I think of it as the main answer for spare our lives.”


It should be noted that the northwest is the last real territory still held by rebels. Idlib faces visit assault and President Bashar al-Assad has said it is currently his objective.

Ayed said that protect specialists with the White Helmets, which works just in restriction held parts of Syria, are at extraordinary hazard if caught by the administration.

He said: “Our destiny is more regrettable than that of armed force deserters.”

President Assad has blamed the White Helmets for being an al Qaeda front, and his administration says they created synthetic weapons assaults as an affection for Western air strikes.

The gathering, which gets financing from Western governments, says it is a regular citizen save association that works under assault to pull individuals from the rubble.

Adding to his dread of catch by Assad’s powers, Ayed said when the armed force progressed into his locale of the southwest this month, it seized printed material at the White Helmets base.

He said: “The most critical thing is the names and personalities of the volunteers, and our unique distinguishing proof cards. This is the thing that harms us the most. The papers and the names were not decimated, but rather remained as they were and are in the hands of the administration.”


President Assad has pounded one focal point of the disobedience after another lately and a month ago swung to the resistance fortification straddling Deraa and Quneitra areas in the southwest.

Air strikes were followed by ground assaults and offers of surrender as a byproduct of safe section to northwestern Syria for any who declined to return under government control.

Ayed, who said he has been a White Helmet for 16 months, was situated in Lajat, the principal revolt territory in Deraa to go under assault.

As the armed force shut in, it shelled the White Helmets focus and the safeguard laborers fled before it was caught, he said. Its 30 staff split up, heading for various parts of the rest of the rebel territory.

A few people looked for shelter in towns that were later caught by the government. He said: “They were encompassed and their destiny is obscure.”

Both Ayed and his family wound up in Quneitra, close to the boondocks with the Golan Heights, the last fix of revolutionary ground in southwest Syria to surrender to the legislature.

He worked at the White Helmets focus there for half a month. At that point one night all its save laborers were assembled in for a dire conference.

They were advised to present their names for departure through Israel and Jordan with the possibility of resettlement in Canada, he said. At the point when the names returned, Ayed was not among them.

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