The Damascus government and the Syrian Kurdish group are negotiating to end the violence in Syria


By: Middle East Affairs

BEIRUT – On Saturday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) said that it and the Syrian government had chosen at a gathering to shape boards of trustees to create arrangements to end viciousness in Syria.

The SDC said that the committees would “outline a guide to a law based, decentralized Syria”, the political wing of the U.S.- supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

During this week, the discussions in Damascus indicated moves by the Kurdish-drove experts in the quarter of Syria east of the Euphrates to look for an arrangement with President Bashar al-Assad to save their self-rule.

The announcement said that the gathering was at the invitation of the Syrian government. Assad, who – supported by Russia and Iran – has as of late reclaimed most renegade held zones following seven long periods of contention, has promised to recover “each inch” of Syria. He has likewise portrayed the Kurdish organization in the upper east as “brief structures”.

Nonetheless, transactions with Damascus bring up new issues for U.S. strategy in Syria, where the U.S. military has sent into SDF-held territory amid the campaign against Islamic State insurgents.

It should be noted that the Syrian Kurds have become careful about the United States, put on guard by conflicting statements over U.S. plans and goals in Syria.

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