Government forces are on the brink of seizing the last part of southwestern Syria


By: Middle East Affairs

BEIRUT – On Monday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Government powers are on the very edge of grabbing the last piece of southwestern Syria in insurgent hands.

The war monitor also said that propelling government powers have grabbed everything except three towns held by the Islamic State-affiliated faction, the Khalid Ibn AL-Walid armed force, that controlled the Yarmouk Basin.

Prior in July, the Syrian administration and its partners, sponsored by Russian air strikes, broadened their hostile on the southwest to incorporate the district which fringes the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Jordan.

Rami Abdelrahman, director of the Britain-based war monitor, told Reuters by phone: “Khalid Ibn AL-Walid armed force currently controls three little towns, which constitute short of what one percent of the territory it once controlled in Yarmouk Basin.”

The Syrian President, Bashar AL-Assad is looking to recuperate the whole southwestern corner of Syria in a hostile that started a month ago and has so far recouped swathes of an area from rebels battling under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) flag.

It should be noted that President Bashar Al-Assad is as of now in his most grounded position since the beginning of a seven-year common war that has murdered a large portion of a million people. An effective ambush on the southwest would leave agitators looking to topple Assad to a great extent kept to a solitary pocket of an area in the northwest of the nation.

Additionally, Assad has so far recuperated swathes of Deraa area in the southwest from FSA rebels, a considerable lot of whom have been constrained into surrender understandings interceded by Russian officers. The United States, which once equipped the southern FSA rebels, let them know toward the beginning of the assault not to expect its intercession.

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