An Egyptian military court sentenced a poet to three years in prison for publishing false news and insulting the military


By: Middle East Affairs

CAIRO – On Tuesday, the accused’s lawyer said that an Egyptian military court condemned a poet to three years in jail for distributing false news and offending the military after he picked up reputation for composing a humorous tune that reprimanded the administration.

A week ago, The U.N. human rights specialists had encouraged the administration to acquit Galal El Behairy, communicating caution at his capture.

Galal Behairy composed the verses to the song “Balaha”, which has had in excess of 4 million views on YouTube. The title signifies “Date” in Arabic; it is likewise the name of a fanciful character in a parody film that has turned into an epithet for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi utilized by his commentators.

Additionally, the charges against Behairy are identified with the title of a compilation of lyrics that plays on an expression used to depict the military, which previous general Sisi headed before he was first chosen president in 2014.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has managed what commentators say is an uncommon crackdown on free discourse and contradiction, with a large number of political adversaries including Islamists and common liberals alike imprisoned, refering to a need to ensure national security.

Several news destinations and sites in Egypt have been obstructed lately and no less than twelve individuals captured for the current year and accused of distributing false news, a large number of them writers or unmistakable government commentators.

Moreover, Sisi’s administration says that controling imaginary news is essential for national security.

A board of six rights rapporteurs said in an announcement to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva: “We are frightened at the capture and affirmed abuse of Mr El Behairy which gives off an impression of being connected exclusively to the serene exercise of his entitlement to flexibility of aesthetic articulation and inventiveness.”

“We are extremely stressed at the announced criminalisation of the honest to goodness exercise of imaginative articulation through the burden of a scope of questionable charges.”

As indicated by his legal counselor Mokhtar Mounir, Behairy, who was captured at Cairo airplane terminal in March, was additionally fined 10,000 Egyptian pounds on Tuesday.

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