The Jordanian armed force said it killed a few Islamic State militants


By:Middle East Affairs

AMMAN – On Thursday, The Jordanian armed force said it killed a few Islamic State militants who moved toward its outskirt as they fled a Syrian hostile that drove them out of their enclave in the southwest of the war-torn nation.

An army source said that armed force units had utilized “a wide range of weapons” to shell a gathering of militants who had approached its side of the Yarmouk Valley in conflicts that endured almost twenty-fours from Tuesday to Wednesday evening.

An army source told state news agency Petra: “We connected tenets of commitment and individuals from the Daesh (Islamic State) posse were compelled to withdraw inside Syria and a portion of their individuals were murdered.”

Following quite a while of concentrated Russian-sponsored shelling, the Syrian armed force grabbed the lavish horticultural domain where the Yarmouk River streams that was once controlled by a gathering subsidiary to Islamic State known as the Khaled Bin Walid Army.

It should be noted that Jordan, close by other Western and Arab patrons, had provided previous Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels with weapons and strategic help to vanquish the aggressors until the point when the renegades themselves were crushed by the Syrian armed force a month ago and lost ground.

Moreover, a Jordanian armed force source said the militants who fled from the outskirt were then pursued by the Syrian armed force leading tasks in the territory to drive them out of their last refuges.

An intelligence source said that the militants had tried to seek shelter among several regular citizens stayed outdoors close to the Jordanian fringe to get away from the bombarding of their towns amid the hostile against the militants.

The source also said: “The overwhelming battling had dislodged the vast majority of the previous 40,000 tenants and caused numerous regular citizen setbacks.”

It said: “After the catch of the zone, there are many aggressors from an expected 1,000 to 1,500 contenders who once controlled the region who are accepted to be presently stowing away in a rough landscape that isolates the outskirts of the two nations close to the Yarmouk Basin.”

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